The free platform for freelancers and employees

Freelancer platforms are good way for companies to find employees quickly when needed. And great way to save on salary costs.

But… Have you ever heard about freelancer who put hands into the dirt and make things happen – with no money almost at all.

The idea of is to ensure same visibility for freelancers and employees they get from fiverr, upwork,, guru, taskrabbit, hireable and so on… But for free of cost. With out middle mans taking part of freelancer’s salary.

Hope you like this concept as much as we do and we’ll see you again once we are live! Meanwhile you can watch some videos here.

P.S. At some point we’ll need to make money too, to keep the servers up and running. How we will do it exactly, we have no idea yet. But what we know for sure – it’s not fair to make freelancers to pay for us.